About Us

Our Experience


Conceived in 2000 to provide long range facility planning and aviation technologies in the aviation sector, PDK Airport Planning Inc. (PAPI), has evolved from planning to construction services.  We now provide our clients with specialized contract management support services for EPC and Design-Build projects in the aviation sector and we are actively looked to expand to other sectors that favour this model of project delivery. 

PAPI has experience with EPC, Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build projects and has worked with various international and Canadian forms of contract including FIDIC, MMCD and CCDC as well as Clients' proprietary variations of these contract models. 

Since 2011, our consultants have accumulated considerable experience providing contract management services on EPC, Design-Build or Design-Bid-Build assignments in Canada, Russia, Greece and Brazil where the project budgets have ranged from USD 100 million to over USD 1 billion.  

While we focus on airport projects, our contract support services are equally applicable to other infrastructure projects, particularly those based on EPC and Design-Build frameworks.

Our Approach


Our contract management approach is based on 4 principles: be practical, be informed, be prepared and be fair.  Whether it is  the drafting of practical Employers Requirements, implementing time sensitive project controls to guard against delay and cost risks,  or systematically constructing or dismantling contractual and technical arguments to build or refute a claim, we find that this approach provides the best likelihood of a successful outcome.  

Why Us?


Choosing PAPI assures you of integrity, commitment and value.    We are very aware that our success is closely tied to that of our Clients.  A successful outcome for a Client is a strong reference for PAPI, which is a critical ingredient for securing future business.  We are honest with ourselves and our Clients about our strengths and the limitations.  Our metric is value for money and our track record proves our capability to deliver value.